Columbia City Community and Family Chorus


In my world, everybody sings. And I hope there is a song in your heart as we take a break while our community weathers the passing of COVID 19.

You all hear about me talking about the metaphor of mycelium so much, but let me just say – the mycelium of our human community are making a huge power play right now. Rising up thru the funky undergrowth of our panic and fear, of the suffering and loss that has landed us all so solidly and inescapably in our common and inescapable vulnerability. A song of connection. Set aside the misery internet scrolling for a moment and listen. Underneath those loud and clashing strains there’s a finer music playing. Find ways to sing along with it, and feel yourself a part of this finer thing emerging.
Until we can sing together live and in person again – much love, peace and good health to you all

6-7p Columbia City Family Chorus
7:30-9p Columbia City Community Chorus
Columbia City Church of Hope
3818 S Angeline St Seattle WA 98118

Looking for a way to connect with your neighbors, have fun, make a joyful noise and make a difference? Take a break from the digital, distracted madness of modern life and hit that big reset button in your heart through the simple, magical ritual of singing together.

Columbia City Community Chorus 7:30-9p Tues

The Columbia City Community Chorus welcomes people of all ages and musical training to come together in a fun, inclusive and spirited singing community. There is no audition, and no singing experience is required, just a desire to sing in harmony with others. We are not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual path. The CCCC’s guiding philosophy is that singing is a deep expression of our humanity, and singing together opens hearts and builds community. Our repertoire reflects the rich cultural mix of community music sung around the world, and the soulful inspiration of director and composer Kathleen Tracy.

Columbia City Family Chorus 6-7p Tues

Looking for a way to have some fun family time, hang out with your friends and neighbors, and sing your hearts out? Come join the Columbia City Family Chorus! Bring the kids, grandparents, cousins…you get the idea! All ages and singing abilities welcome.

Protect What You Love
Songs of Climate and Social Justice
from the Pacific Northwest

Me and the Chorus sing our anthem Shine (by yours truly) on this beautiful compilation album organized by  350 Seattle, a group dedicated to “building a passionate grassroots movement for climate justice.” Download it for FREE or pay what you want by going here. Funds support the excellent work of 350 Seattle.

The CCCC capped off our 2016 Fall Session by videoing ourselves singing Light Returns Again. A song for our times indeed.

Here’s an excerpt of the Chorus singing Shine in January 2015. That’s Gracie Bucklew and her mom Liz singing the solos: